WafaTech Object Storage Features

Scaling data heights without breaking the bank - our object storage: where scalability meets savings


Crafted for effortless management, WafaTech object storage clusters range from 1GB to 100TB, providing a seamless solution for storing and organizing massive volumes of data.


Meticulously designed for peak performance, Object Storage excels in catering to a diverse spectrum of applications, including databases, file storage, and application data.

High Availability

Ensuring constant accessibility, Object Storage boasts high availability and durability, with objects replicated across servers to remain accessible even in the event of server downtime

Flexible Sizing

Select the Object storage size that aligns perfectly with your requirements, ranging from a few gigabytes to several terabytes.

S3 Compatible

As a globally-accessible, S3-Compatible storage solution, Object Storage preserves optimal performance seamlessly as your data expands.

No Virtual Machines Required

Utilizing object storage for data storage and access eliminates the need for a virtual machine

Media storage

Effortlessly store static media assets like images, audio, and video for your applications. Adjust usage seamlessly without the hassle of managing intricate storage clusters

100% NVMe Storage

NVMe is known for its exceptional speed and low latency, providing significantly faster data access compared to traditional storage solutions. This results in improved overall performance. 


Harness the power of the S3-API or employ backup solutions from renowned platforms such as cPanel, Wordpress, and beyond!

WafaTech Object Storage

Dive into the seamless realm of S3-compatible Object Storage—a whimsical wizardry that not only simplifies the orchestration of unstructured data like content assets but also conquers the intricate landscapes of storage wizardry in the realms of artificial intelligence and machine learning, all while keeping your budget smiling.

Why WafaTech Object Storage?

Leverage Object Storage to efficiently store your data, distributing it seamlessly across a cluster of servers to ensure optimal high availability and durability.


To guarantee elevated availability and robust data durability, your application data undergoes automatic triplication, ensuring three distinct copies are meticulously maintained


Effortlessly scale your storage needs by seamlessly adding or removing objects, with a flexible pricing model that ensures you only pay for the resources you consume.

High Performance

A high-performance NVMe caching layer enhances operational speed, ensuring swift availability of frequently-accessed data

Pay-as-you-go billing

WafaTech offers precise resource billing, calculated per gigabyte. Customize your object storage to meet specific needs, all under a clear per-gigabyte cost structure.

Scalable Object Storage Solutions | Secure Data Management - WafaTech - Pay-as-you-go billing
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Scalable Object Storage Solutions | Secure Data Management - WafaTech - Our technical team is here to help you 24/7!

Frequently asked questions

Are the data centers of WafaTech located in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, We are pleased to confirm that our VPC infrastructure is hosted within state-of-the-art data centers situated in Saudi Arabia. This strategic choice aligns with our commitment to data sovereignty, ensuring compliance with local regulations and fostering low-latency access for our valued clients within the region

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