WafaTech Block Storage Features

Zoom through tasks at warp speed and elevate your capabilities with rock-solid block storage


WafaTech Block Storage enables you to effortlessly append extra storage to your virtual machine, eliminating the hassle of resizing the virtual machine itself.


Engineered for superior performance, Block Storage is adept at servicing a diverse array of applications, spanning databases, file storage, and application data.


WafaTech Block Storage facilitates snapshots, representing instantaneous duplicates of your volumes. Snapshots prove valuable for backup purposes, replication, or the creation of new volumes with identical data.

Flexible Sizing

Select the block storage volume size that aligns perfectly with your requirements, ranging from a few gigabytes to several terabytes.

Easy Attachment

WafaTech Block Storage effortlessly integrates with virtual machines, simplifying the process of attaching extra storage. The additional storage seamlessly appears as a mounted block device on your virtual machines.

100% NVMe Storage

NVMe is known for its exceptional speed and low latency, providing significantly faster data access compared to traditional storage solutions. This results in improved overall system performance. 

NVMe Block Storage

Boost your instance storage capacity by connecting extra high-speed volumes, ranging in sizes up to 10TB. These volumes are autonomously managed, ensuring your data persists even if you delete your VM.

Why WafaTech Block Storage?

Effortlessly infuse your instance with a dose of highly-available and scalable storage prowess.

Excellent performance

Block Storage Volumes are crafted for high-demand, business-critical applications that necessitate elevated throughput and IOPS. Leveraging NVMe, the fastest storage medium available, ensures low latency for both reading and writing data.

HA Reliable and Secure

Your data is always encrypted at rest and during replication, ensuring protection and high durability. It remains available even if hardware fails, transmitted over isolated networks to virtual machines, stored independently, and easily moved across instances.

Tailored for enterprises

Benefit from a 99.99% monthly uptime SLA, offering affordability and scalability. Easily scale block storage up or down and seamlessly move storage between virtual machines

Pay-as-you-go billing

With WafaTech, pay for precisely the resources you require, with billing calculated down to the nearest minute. Customize your block storage to fit your specific needs, all under a per-minute cost structure. Revel in unmatched flexibility and cost-efficiency as you finely tune your Cloud Server to meet your exact requirements.

Scalable Block Storage Solutions | High-Performance Data Storage - WafaTech - Pay-as-you-go billing
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Scalable Block Storage Solutions | High-Performance Data Storage - WafaTech - Our technical team is here to help you 24/7!

Frequently asked questions

Are the data centers of WafaTech located in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, We are pleased to confirm that our VPC infrastructure is hosted within state-of-the-art data centers situated in Saudi Arabia. This strategic choice aligns with our commitment to data sovereignty, ensuring compliance with local regulations and fostering low-latency access for our valued clients within the region

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