Why Choose Us?

Why choose WafaTech for Cloud Firewall?

24/7 Top Level Support

Offering round-the-clock support for cloud firewall services is crucial due to the continuous and vital nature of infrastructure. WafaTech ensures top-notch customer support, with an average ticket reply time of under 15 minutes

Streamlined Administration

Select the administration tool that best fits your needs for managing your firewall rules (security groups): whether it's OpenStack Horizon UI, WafaTech UI, or the API.

Create Custom Firewall Rules

Customize rulesets for individual Virtual Machines by tailoring security configurations. Incorporate up to 50 rules within a single ruleset, optimizing the use of an active security group for a streamlined and efficient approach to managing security parameters.

Protect Your Network

Shield your network against malicious attacks by establishing rules that exclusively permit traffic from trusted sources. Exercise precise control at the network layer, ensuring that access to your cloud resources is finely filtered and granted only to authorized entities.

Scalable Security in Seconds

Safeguard your network integrity as it scales and evolves. Streamline the process by effortlessly applying a consistent ruleset across multiple instances. This approach not only fortifies your expanding network but also simplifies the management and maintenance of security measures, ensuring a cohesive and robust defense strategy

Free Service

As part of our commitment to fortifying your digital infrastructure, WafaTech proudly extends the benefits of our Cloud Firewall as a complimentary and free service, seamlessly integrated with our Virtual Private Cloud solutions. This additional layer of security is designed to enhance the overall robustness of your virtualized environment, ensuring comprehensive protection against potential threats and unauthorized access.

Round-the-clock support: Your assistance, anytime

Enjoy seamless Firewall Cloud (Security Groups) services with our 24/7 support. Rest assured, we're committed to maintaining the reliability and speed of your load balancing system around the clock.
Advanced Cloud Firewall Solutions | Secure Your Network - WafaTech - Round-the-clock support: Your assistance, anytime

Safeguard the Sanctity of Your Network!

Establish an impervious defense for your network by selectively permitting traffic solely from trusted sources. Propel your security posture to new heights by instituting a meticulous level of control at the network layer. This level of granularity empowers you to precisely dictate who possesses access privileges to your invaluable cloud resources, ensuring that only authorized entities can traverse the digital pathways of your infrastructure. This strategic approach not only fortifies your cybersecurity defenses but also exemplifies a proactive commitment to safeguarding the integrity of your cloud environment.

Get You'r Free Cloud Firewall Now!

More than 10000+ customers worldwide

Elevate your cybersecurity defenses with our cutting-edge Free Cloud Firewall! Join the ranks of over 10,000 companies that have entrusted us with their digital security. By claiming your free Cloud Firewall, you not only fortify your online presence but also align with a growing community of businesses leveraging our robust and reliable services. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your network protection – join the ranks of satisfied companies who have chosen to prioritize security with our state-of-the-art solutions.

Advanced Cloud Firewall Solutions | Secure Your Network - WafaTech - More than 10000+ customers worldwide

Frequently asked questions

What are WafaTech Security Groups?

WafaTech Security Groups are virtual firewalls that control inbound and outbound traffic to instances (virtual machines) in an WafaTech environment. They consist of rules that define the allowed traffic based on source and destination IP addresses, port ranges, and protocols.

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