Why Choose Us?

Why choose WafaTech for Load Balancer?

24/7 Top Level Support

Offering round-the-clock support for load balance services is crucial due to the continuous and vital nature of infrastructure. WafaTech ensures top-notch customer support, with an average ticket reply time of under 15 minutes

Streamlined Administration

Select the administration tool that best fits your needs for managing your Load Balancer: whether it's OpenStack Horizon UI, WafaTech UI, or the API.

Supported Protocols

WafaTech LB supports a variety of protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, and UDP. This flexibility allows it to handle different types of applications and services.

High Availability

WafaTech LB is designed to be highly available. It can automatically scale by adding or removing amphorae based on the load, ensuring that the load balancer service is always available.

Host in Saudi Arabia

Establish and position your Load Balancer service in proximity to your customers and employees. Adopt a geographical strategy when constructing your infrastructure for enhanced accessibility and efficiency.

SSL/TLS encryption

The Load Balancer facilitates SSL/TLS encryption for safeguarding data confidentiality. You can swiftly generate free Let's Encrypt SSL certificates, or alternatively, upload your custom certificate if collaborating with a specific Certificate Authority.

Load Balancer Scenario

In your design, Floating IP, Gateway, and Load Balancer collaborate harmoniously to establish the necessary network accessibility rules, ensuring the security levels you demand.

Access the Load Balancer via the Floating IP, which efficiently allocates incoming traffic to multiple instances. The instances behind the Load Balancer lack public IPs, preserving complete privacy and preventing direct external access. Enhance security with SSL encryption, and seamlessly update the Load Balancer transparently, thanks to the Floating IP being hosted at the Gateway level.
High-Performance Load Balancer | Optimize Traffic Management - WafaTech - Load Balancer Scenario

WafaTech Load Balancer LB

Low Latency

WafaTech guarantees minimal latency for its Load Balancer (LB) services by hosting the solution within Saudi Arabia. This strategic positioning enables direct connections with local service providers through SAIX peering arrangements. Leveraging these direct connections, WafaTech reduces the distance and potential network hops between the LB infrastructure and users in Saudi Arabia. This localized hosting and optimized network architecture result in a more responsive, low-latency service, enhancing both security and performance for users in the region.
High-Performance Load Balancer | Optimize Traffic Management - WafaTech - Low Latency

Round-the-clock support: Your assistance, anytime

Enjoy seamless Load Balancer (LB) services with our 24/7 support. Rest assured, we're committed to maintaining the reliability and speed of your load balancing system around the clock.
High-Performance Load Balancer | Optimize Traffic Management - WafaTech - Round-the-clock support: Your assistance, anytime

Why You Need Load balancer LB?

Load balancers serve several critical purposes in a network infrastructure, particularly in scenarios where there are multiple servers or resources that need to handle incoming requests. Load balancers play a crucial role in optimizing the performance, scalability, and reliability of networked applications, making them essential components in modern IT infrastructures, particularly in high-traffic or mission-critical environments.

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High-Performance Load Balancer | Optimize Traffic Management - WafaTech - More than 10000+ customers worldwide

Frequently asked questions

Is WafaTech Load Balancer (LB) located in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, We are pleased to confirm that our LB infrastructure is hosted within state-of-the-art data centers situated in Saudi Arabia. This strategic choice aligns with our commitment to data sovereignty, ensuring compliance with local regulations and fostering low-latency access for our valued clients within the region

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